Recommendations Engine

Gideon – accurate recommendation system powered by ML and AI

Generate smart recommendations to boost customers’ satisfaction by helping them discover products based on their experiences, behaviors, preferences, and interests.

Improve user experience

gideon is designed to provide a remarkable experience and service to online shoppers. The AI technology used changes completely the online-retail world, helping sellers create a customer-friendly experience avoiding information overload.

Increase conversion rate

Optimize the content available on your shop pages and marketing efforts to provide shoppers with exactly what they want and look for, driving up the conversion rate and average order value.

Boost customer retention

Transform massive amounts of customer data (favorite products, purchase history, direct feedback) into accurate recommendations that will make your customers feel understood, increasing engagement and retention.

Personalization: The Key to Increased Sales

Real-time recommendations based on

User Actions

Users receive recommendations based on the products viewed, purchased, and the shopping history of all the customers.

Similar Items

Based on the name, product description, and other features (depending on relevance) other similar products are suggested.

Complementary Products

Users view recommendations based on a product they are looking at, and the history of what has been purchased with that product.

User Profile – determined by AI

Using a machine learning algorithm, the system will "guess" what the user's preferences would be, based on similar profiles.

It's a kind of magic

How does gideon work?

Data Collection

We capture customer activities such as search history, clicks, order history, viewed products, or customer inputs - likes/dislikes, comments, and ratings.

Engine Training

Using ML technology, the data is analyzed to understand the relationships between products and users in order to identify patterns that help anticipate the intent of the customer.

Real-time Recommendations

gideon automatically offers data-driven, personalized product recommendations to individual clients, based on detailed, automatic analysis of their profiles.

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