Price Automation

Ispir is built to suggest the best price for any product or service, based on data intelligence.

Align your price strategies with your business goals by using our automated solution powered by ML technology.

Optimize your pricing

Get price recommendations, based on predefined pricing rules, to achieve your targets. Ispir considers a multitude of clues and parameters, such as promotions, purchase prices, product combinations, competition prices to suggest the right prices according to your pricing strategy.

Simulate safely

Test your plans about promotions, sales, or any other scenarios, in a safe environment. Ispir helps companies to evaluate how price changes may impact reaching goals, before applying the updates. Keep your pricing department away from guesswork by having a full view of the results that a certain action could bring.

Get pricing insights

Speed pricing decision-making process with automated reports and data analysis. Ispir supports your team to react wisely and quickly to market volatility, ensuring consistency and stability across your position and your pricing strategies. Pricing insights and real-time price suggestions will keep you ahead of your competition.


Make money like never before

Data Management

After collecting different types of data, we transform it into actionable steps for the price automation and optimization process.

Pricing Rules Manager

Configure rules that will automatically adapt your prices to reach your business goals and to keep you one step ahead on the market.

Real-time pricing updates

Always stay up to date with the latest changes and daily pricing recommendations, having the opportunity to take an action, not just react to your competition actions.


Smooth API Integration that receives and displays data, allowing you to view it anytime, on our web platform.

Make money like never before

Choose a preset set of rules or make your own

Calculation basis

The current state of the market, the competition, type of the product or service, purchase price are just part of the parameters taken into consideration when setting a price. Ispir collects data and includes all parameters and indicators defined by the pricing department to calculate the right price.

Pre-define pricing rules

The rule engine allows you to determine the most suitable level of automation for different categories of products and multiple sales channels. Pre-define the pricing rules and let our engine do the work.

Real-time price suggestions

Get automatic price suggestions daily, based on analysis of different factors. The pricing department is empowered to come with human input by validating or overwriting recommendations.

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