Sales Forecasting

Accurate demand planning software that adds power of forecasting in your sales and operation processes

Get a reliable view of future demand to develop an informed procurement strategy, ensuring your supply matches market needs.

Demand Forecasting

Powered by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, prophet finds the patterns in your business and accurately forecasts demand for large numbers of items, based on sales history and various attributes, such as: price, promotion types, stock, together with external factors like special events, bank holidays, weekends, etc.

Inventory Optimization

prophet enables intelligent resource management avoiding waste caused by inappropriate amounts of products. Both out of stock & overstock situations are negatively affecting your budgets, marketing activities, costs, etc. prophet keeps retailers’ operations running smoothly by suggesting the right level of stock at the right time.

Capture Seasonality

prophet estimates future sales using advanced algorithms that take into consideration external factors which influence demand: sport events, bank holidays, weekends, etc. Being able to anticipate customers behaviour based on seasonality, prophet offers a detailed picture of consumers interest in particular products, at a given time.


Understand Demand with Data-Driven Insights

Forecast Demand for New Products

The demand for new products, with no historical data, seems impossible to plan effectively. prophet helps you develop a proper forecast for new items based on the product profile, sales data of similar in-store items, and history of products that could substitute the new product.

Reporting and data visualization

Leveraging your data will help you find innovative answers to your questions. Creating different graphs, charts, and dashboards will help with monitoring KPIs and support the decision-making process. Replace the guess work with data-based decisions.

Manual Adjustments

There are additional, unusual factors that may influence the sales flow in a specific day or period. prophet allows manual adjustments, in order to re-evaluate or change forecasts based on internal information provided by the management team, or your partners, vendors.

Easy Integration

prophet seamlessly integrates with systems that you already use. For example, data is integrated by means of manual file import, API integration, automated HTTPS/SFTP file integration or Kafka Streams.

Understand Demand with Data-Driven Insights

Forecast System that Generates Value

Increased speed

Huge volumes of historical data, for hundreds of thousands of items, are easily operated to generate real-time information, having the capacity to support multiple users adding inputs at the same time.

Process Automation

Eliminate excel-based workflows that limit your analytic capabilities and slows sales and operations processes. prophet provides the guidelines from traditional planning to an automated, performing system.

Cost Savings

Harmonizing demand and supply planning leads to optimal inventory investment, stable cash flow, and unlocks the capital blocked in excess stocks.

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